Two way data binding without RxJava

A couple of weeks ago, this article by Radosław Piekarz got some tracktion on /r/androiddev. While I am a fan of RxJava myself we use it extensively in our apps at, I feel this example was not the best use case for it. As others point out in the comment field, this can easily be solved without RxJava. Here is how:

What I’ve done is recoded the constructor of the viewmodel for MainActivity to hook onto the OnPropertyChanged callback of the ObservableFields for the two TextViews directly, instead of going through the hoop of RxUtils.toObservable.

You can furthermore clean up the code by writing an adapter for the OnPropertyChanged callback, which as it is is not very lambda-friendly. Introducing the helper class BindingCallbackAdapter:

..and the more readable MainActivity-constructor:

See full fork at github.

While I’m sure the author of the original article is aware of the possibility of this implementation, I’m afraid that too many blog posts about “RxJava for everything” spreads antipatterns. I do understand that there are cases where this could be a good pattern, for example if you need to compose the onPropertyChanged events in more complex Rx-flows, but this concrete use case is not one.

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